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About the Vin Marque System

Customer and Logistics Management System (CALMS)

The Vin Marque CALMS is designed for small to medium sized wineries and breweries with a reliable internet connection.

Vin Marque is an online system only. Many businesses rely on a phone line for their point of sale or credit card facility. Given the maturity of internet service provision and the reliance on it by many companies for transactions, we consider that an online system is the best method for delivering the CALMS service.

The Vin Marque administration interface has a great deal of flexibility for clients to automate and build their web site and manage their products and stock taking units (SKUS). A sku is a package of products, it can consist of one bottle, or a mixed case of 6 or 12. Skus can be designed in the system by the client

The web site generated by the CALMS system can be integrated into existing web sites or can be a complete web site for a business, including point of sale.

Clients can create new pages and menus, determine styles and colours and banners, they have almost complete control over the look and feel of their site. This sample site and this web site were created entirely from the CALMS administration web page facility.

The CALMS system allows a client to define many groups of customers and assign a price for each sku for each group. Customers can belong to many groups and the system has an algorithm to ensure that a customer is presented with the best price for a sku depending on their group membership, whilst the administration portal allows for further price manipulation on a sku by sku basis in an order.

Orders can be one off or recurrent, there is another algorithm that allows recurrent orders to be flexibly scheduled. Customers can be given access to manage their own recurrent ordering, or this can be restricted to the administration staff.

As alcoholic beverages are being sold on the site, it is prudent to attempt to identify the eligibility of customers to order, hence the CALMS system requires customers to register before they can order.

A credit card facility does an initial card verification and can then use a variety of methods tailored to the clients need to process or store the transaction.

CALMS includes an event calendar and a facility for producing personalised newsletters and archiving them. It also has a communications portal to allow letters, emails, sms or internet phone calls to be made to one or more customers (sms and internet phone services require subscription to third party services)

Product history can be stored in the CALMS system, this could include brewer or winemaker notes. CALMS can store the history of your business: all past customers and products and interactions with customers.

Calms has a flexible reporting system. Clients can request simple or complex reports and specify the flexibility of input they wish for them. This is part of the Vin Marque service.

Pricing of the CALMS system is on a case by case basis, as this is more than software, it is a subscribed service. The CALMS system runs from a commercial data centre with high bandwidth, high physical and digital security levels. The CALMS software has taken several years to develop and is specifically designed for breweries and wineries. The CALMS developers are constantly improving and adding features to the software. CALMS service agreement ensures that each client's ideas, requirements and suggestions are considered by the software developers, and assistance given on a personal basis in all aspects of CALMS.