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Vin Marque Features

Manage many aspects of your business

It's Online
Vin Marque is an online system; you need a stable internet connection to use it. The benefits are that there are no other special IT needs; no backup or physical security measures and the system is available anywhere on the internet for you and your customers. It also means that transactions and interactions do not have to be double handled to or from off line systems.

You're Supported
With offices in near the Milawa and Hunter Valley regions, Vin Marque can consult to wineries and breweries on wine club needs. Vin Marque is as much a service as software, we keep improving the feature set by listening to our customers and the industry. Quick to respond and quick to make changes or resolve issues, we figure this to be our edge in the market. What is good for your business is good for ours.

Customer and Logistics Management System (CALMS)

It's a back office system
Vin Marque facilitates:
  • product definition and history: You could use Vin Marque for winemaker notes.
  • Product bundling into "SKUs" for sale
  • SKU pricing per customer group per SkU and an algorithm to ensure a customer pays the minimum price according to their group membership
  • Customer detail management including sophisticated overlapping customer grouping and associated pricing
  • Customer interactions: ad hoc records of customer contact and notes
  • Customer communication through a group email system and newsletter, we can also build in sms communication if desired.
  • Customer orders including multiple and flexible recurrent order rules
  • Notices of impending needs: customer card expiry, orders pending.
  • Order fulfilment through picking and sending phase
  • Flexible freight and insurance charging schemes
  • Order History
  • The system can manage all transactions, product sales and ancillary transactions.
  • Tailored reports, importing and exporting as requested

It has an online shop and can be your whole web site

  • A specially designed content management system allows you to construct and edit a web site without requiring a high level of expertise.
  • A shop spanning many pages and in any configuration can be included, this is a very flexible and easily tailored system that draws differential pricing for customers from the back office system.
  • You can allow customers to register or logon and to manage their details, view past orders, make new ones and even change their recurrent orders, it's up to you what you allow. Orders can be altered once placed and until picked
  • Custom payment solutions can be integrated, stored transactions later batched to the bank, real time bank portal card payments, encrypted emails or even promises to pay can be accommodated.
  • It can be your full web site and also integrated or linked to your own site

It is a cellar door sales system

  • Ad hoc orders can be placed from multiple checkout points
  • The checkout system is tailored so that buttons are large and can be operated with a mouse or via a touch screen system.
  • Transactions are recorded in the backend system.